Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your soup so delicious?

    We make our soups with the freshest of ingredients, with no preservatives. All soups are hand-made, on-site in small batches. This allows us to create fresh, flavourful soups. Our three soups are made bright and early every morning. Come and visit us. Peak in at our chefs slicing and dicing or ask to take a look at what's simmering in our giant stock pot.

  • When do you serve Chicken Noodle Soup? African Chicken, Cock-a-Leekie and Mulligatawny?

    We serve hot chicken noodle soup every Friday and Sunday. You can find it packaged in our showcase the following day or ask if we have any frozen. Our other chicken soups are rotated through on Wednesdays. Take a look at our weekly menu to see which one is being served this Wednesday.

  • Do you deliver? I'm feeling under the weather and can't make it down to the market for your Chicken Noodle Soup.

    If you or someone you know needs the comfort of our hearty soups, we are happy to put an order together and send it out to you. Please note that additional courier charges will apply.

  • Do you cater?

    Although we are not catering at this time, we are happy to discuss preparing any soup or product for you. Contact us by phone or email and we will be delighted to discuss your request.


  • Are your chowders gluten and dairy free?

    Yes! Our chowders are both gluten and dairy free because we use a potato base. On the rare occasion dairy is added to our fish chowder (say in our Parisian Snapper Chowder) our main batch is always dairy free. Just ask and we will be happy to get some for you!

  • How much salt do you use in your soups, stocks and sauces?

    When making our products we are very conscious of using as little salt as possible. The salt that we do use is sea salt.

  • I have food allergies (gluten, dairy, nut etc), what soups and sauces can I have?

    We are very conscious of food allergies and try to provide as many product options for our customers as possible. Most of our soups are gluten, dairy and nut free. Even if we have noodles or cream in a soup at the counter, our main batch is noodle and dairy free. If you have an allergy please let us know and we will be happy to let you know what we have available... don't miss out on our chicken noodle, just ask for chicken noodle without the noodle!

    If you have a gluten allergy, we offer gluten free soups, chowders, turkey gravy, rice stuffing as well as most of our sauces.

    If you have a lactose intolerance we offer soups, chowders, sauces, cheese free pestos.

Other Questions

  • What frozen soups do you have available? Why is there a greater selection in the summer and smaller selection in the winter?

    Our soups are frozen after two or three days in our showcase to maintain their optimal freshness and quality when served. Because our soups are in high demand in the fall and winter months most don't make it to the freezer. There is nothing better than a warm bowl of Stock Market soup when its cold and rainy outside. In the summer months our selection increases as the sun is shining.

  • Sometimes when I visit, my favourite sauce isn't on the shelf. Why is that?

    Our sauce collection includes over 200 recipes. We make every effort to rotate though all our sauces regularly, while highlighting seasonal features. If your favourite sauce is not in the showcase please let us know and we will be happy to put it on our chefs list at the next opportunity. Please feel free to call us if you are making a special trip to Granville Island for a specific item and we'll let you know if it's on the shelf.

Any other questions? We'd love to chat. Contact us.


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